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For the past week there has been daily sightings of Polar stratospheric clouds over Norway. I have seen them quite a few times now, but the Polar stratospheric clouds from a few days ago topped all of my personal sightings. Shortly before sunset the Polar stratospheric clouds appeared, just as the previous days. Because one of the clouds lined up nicely with the forest on the hills behind our house. My girlfriend and me shortly went out with our cameras to get some shots.

Polar stratospheric clouds started to show over the hills behind our house.

Shot with the Sony a9 and Sony 100-400mm.

About half an hour later we looked out of the window again and saw how the last light of the sun started to color the Polar stratospheric clouds orange. We quickly rushed out again with our cameras and photographed for more than half an hour the most spectacular Polar stratospheric clouds we have ever seen. I have seen this coloration several times before, but it never was as intense as this evening and it also lasted much longer. Find below a selection of images.

This cloud in particular caught our attention.

Shot with the Sony a9 and Sony 100-400mm.

I zoomed in to 400mm in order to get some more details out of this spectacular phenomenon.

Shot with the Sony a9 and Sony 100-400mm.

The later it got, the more intense the cloud colored. But then in a matter of seconds, when the sun had dipped far enough behind the horizon, the coloration disappeared again.

To get a better impression of the size of the cloud, I made this panorama out of 8 vertical images.

Shot with the Sony a9 and Sony 100-400mm.

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