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Sony - a1

Sony - a9ii

Sony - a9

Sony - a7RIII

Sony - 400mm f2.8 GM OSS

Sony - 200-600mm f5.6-6.3 G OSS

Sony - 100-400mm f4.5-5.6 GM OSS

Sony - 70-200mm f2.8 GM OSS

Sony - 24-70mm f2.8 GM

Sony - 16-35mm f2.8 GM

Sigma - 85mm f1.4

Sigma - 105mm f2.8 macro

Sigma - 15mm f2.8 fisheye

Samyang - 14mm f2.8

Kase filters - Wolverine master kit

DJI Mavic Pro drone

MrJan Gear - Boris IV backpack

MrJan Gear - Boris III backpack

MrJan Gear - Rise backpack

MrJan Gear - Trolley bag

MrJan Gear - Ponting bag

MrJan Gear - Lens carrier

MrJan Gear - Floating hide

Atomos Ninja V

Zhiyun crane 2

Camtraptions - Camera trapping gear


Floris Smeets

Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador, owner of Photo Tours Norway, guide and workshop leader at Photo Tours Norway, ecologist.

Photography and guiding are his full time profession and passion. He uses the Norwegian nature as his playground, where he mainly focuses on wildlife and landscapes. He has great respect for the nature and thinks it is of great importance that pictures are taken in natural situations without disturbing the wildlife or altering the scenery. With his pictures he tries to capture the natural beauty in a way that it is not just a captured moment, but that it tells a story. The species of wildlife he focuses on, are often not the easiest species to photograph. His knowledge of the nature, his patience and persistence are the key to his success. His biggest accomplishment in photography is becoming a Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador. So far his work has been featured in several magazines, newspapers and exhibitions. 

Next to photographing, he runs photo workshops and photo courses in nature and wildlife photography. Additionally to photography, he has a great passion for guiding. The combination of these two passions made him start this company.


He is born and raised in the Netherlands. Coming from a family consisting of biologists, his passion for nature is embedded in his DNA. While growing up, he spent most of his time outside, looking for all kinds of wildlife. From the age of eleven he started to develop interest in photography. His dad gave him his first mirror reflex camera for his twelfth birthday. With this camera he learned how to photograph and the importance of having a film-role in the camera when photographing...

During high school and the start of his study in forestry, he was more focused on music than photography. But when he came to Norway in 2010 for a part of his Bachelor in forest and nature management and afterwards his masters in applied ecology at Hedmark University College, his interest in photography increased a lot. He became more active in wildlife photography, especially grouse and owl species got his attention. He spent a lot of time getting to know the species and got successful in photographing them. In the summer of 2014 he finished his masters in applied ecology, with a thesis on browsing behavior and browsing patterns of moose. During the last part of the studies he started his own company "Your Norwegian Nature", which grew into a successful business in a few years time. His photography developed as well and in the start of 2019 he became Sony Europe Imaging Ambassador. In the summer of 2020 he changed the company name into "Photo Tours Norway". During the tours he guides he shares his knowledge and passion with his guests. 

Photo Tours Norway,


Instagram: floris_smeets


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