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Without taking his eyes off the cards, he gave a serious answer:

- I lose my soul!

Approaching the table and observing what was happening, Pepper asked the second question:

And how much is your soul worth?

And immediately received an absolutely “truthful” answer:

-Two hundred dollars!

Sometimes it happened that one of the new visitors did not always share the good mood of Mazist and then, having exchanged a couple of sharp phrases with him, migrated to the category of characters over whom he allowed himself to tease.

Vladimir did not say anything that could provoke a serious quarrel, but with his phrases he confused his opponent.

Speaking about such a person in the third person, he often emphasized to everyone around him that “that modest old man over there (and pointed at the person with his hand) allowed himself to talk to me on an equal footing. I guess I let him get too close to me ... ".

Rarely was someone capable of something worthy to answer ...

Friday night was interesting. Most of the gaming tables were already working, in addition to new guests, almost all well-known brownies and regular players gathered in the casino. The Baron was playing poker with Boxer and company.


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