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Fix Ml1660 V1.01.00.30.fls wancasi




16 May 1998 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1. This version allows the use of the Interface Fault Statistics interface. 2. The ``dwt3'' interface option for breaking a packet into parts is now supported. 3. This version will not reset the ALU counter. 4. This version fixes a bug that prevented the message ``SOF is past the start of message'' when using the IP/6 FCS interface. 5. This version now supports specification of the Adaptation Layer (AL) header offset and Adaptation Layer Identifier (AL ID) via a new parameter and new attribute ``tlp_al_offset`` and ``tlp_al_id``, respectively. 6. This version supports new optional interface statistics types, which are: - Pkt_Type (8 bit) - Src_Mac (16 bit) - Dst_Mac (16 bit) - Pkt_Len (16 bit) 7. This version now supports new optional statistics attributes: - Stat_Hdr_Src_Mac (8 bit) - Stat_Hdr_Dst_Mac (8 bit) - Stat_Pkt_Type (8 bit) - Stat_Pkt_Len (16 bit) - Stat_Src_Mac (16 bit) - Stat_Dst_Mac (16 bit) 8. This version does not attempt to reset the ALU counter. 9. This version supports new optional stats macros: - Interface_Mac (16 bit) - Interface_Len (16 bit) 10. This version no longer uses the dedicated statistics types. 11. This version supports the ``MAPPING_INPUT`` mechanism to correctly handle the IP/6/0/0 header. 12. This version supports the ``max_pkt_len`` option to limit the maximum packet length for



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Fix Ml1660 V1.01.00.30.fls wancasi

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